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   Access Bars® Course - a one-day event, where one of the most dynamic techniques for transforming consciousness is learned.

Access Bars® is an energetic process that frees the mind and body from various blockages and conditioning.

Access Bars® has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world create major changes in their lives, be it body, money, interpersonal relationships, self-esteem, or other issues. More and more people are choosing to learn this technique to bring more ease, clarity and awareness in daily life. Download the course details



   Access Facelift® is an Access Consciousness® body nutrition process that uses energy to transform your face into energy and then into the physical body, which is a wonderful way to rejuvenate and reverse the aging aspect. Download the course details

"DO  I  CHOOSE  TO  BE  REBORN?"  Therapeutic  Workshop


   I invite you to an experimental workshop / webinar called: "DO I CHOOSE TO BE REBORN?", what conscious choice do I have now?

The tools used during the meeting are from Family Constellations, Access Consciousness and personal development / entrepreneurship courses. More details

"LAUGHTER, THE  BEST  MEDICINE"  Therapeutic  Workshop


   When was the last time you laughed continuously? I have a therapeutic workshop on this matter.

In this workshop we will use simple techniques, with the help of which, we can restore what we may have lost along the time: THE JOY OF INCARPORATION on this Earth.  More details


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