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What can you and your body be that would allow you to change anything and everything?



Infinite being, what would you like to experiment today?



Do you want freedom? Use the Access tool for at least 3 days for each thought, emotion, sensation, feeling: Who does this belong to?

Lets get acquainted!


My name is Nicoleta Maria Vodanovici, nutritionist technician, holistic therapy guide and a devoted mother, so, I can say that I reached the level where I got to combine my passion with my professional side.

Connected with life, earth and spirits since childhood. Without the fear of darkness, a seeker and an explorer of the consciousness, of the worlds beyond without stopping, what caused me throughout my life to go deeper, to research, to take courses, to read, to make connections and then to recognize in me all of these. I lived the first decade of my 18 years, in the countriside, without having access to information and yet I have agendas in which I wrote about reincarnation. The next 18 years have passed, by founding a family, the birth of my child, initiations in lots of spirituality courses and in the same time managing my own business. Even if time flew by, my first passion, that of rediscovering myself and guiding humanity towards a wider consciousness, seemed to resonate very well with the principles offered by Gary Douglas through ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS.


I have stopped searching outside for some time, the method that I work with on other people, I use it on myself and in the same time I combine the nutrition with the therapeutic part.

As a intuitive being i guide and i offer my contribution for each person either on a telephone conversation, to a one-to-one meeting or to the classes / courses I teach.

The techniques I use are simple and pragmatic, as well as profound, with immediate transformations in the life of every human being.

I practice and I teach therapies that help to clean the subconscious and energies, which increase your personal power and help to bring your body into the state of presence, supporting you to become the conscious creator of your life.

Health restoration can be done by all the used methods: with an adequate nutrition, through a healthy lifestyle, sport and a good  thinking. During and after restoring physical, mental and emotional health, I guide you to maintain your balance in all areas of your life.

How does it get any better than this?


What are the benefits of Nutritional Therapy ?


Nutrition is defined as the sum of all the physiological processes by which the body metabolizes and assimilates the nutrients needed for growth, development and tissue recovery.

Diet therapy and cell nutrition are the essential elements for the harmonious development of the human body, maintaining the state of health, preventing the appearance of some pathologies, as well as the treatment after their appearance.

Weight is the common point of many processes that take place in the body, influencing them positively or negatively: intestinal transit, hormonal balance, metabolic balance, immunity, cardio-vascular and respiratory system functionality.

Weight control and nutrition control is a topical issue regardless of age, health or other parameters.

It is essential to have control over nutrition and lifestyle in general in order to have a healthy body.

A healthy diet contains a balanced variety of products from the main food groups and a sufficient amount of food to meet a person's needs.

A person should have a balanced diet that includes healthy foods.

What is holistic therapy ?


Holistic Therapy is in accordance with the new thinking paradigm and is based on the Holistic and Metaphysical Concept on Humans, World and Life, in which a new perspective is shared with each regarding the approach to life and health, helping to acquire a Holistic Vision on the everything in the Universe.

In Holistic Therapy, the person is seen as whole, consisting of body-matter, soul-energy and spirit-consciousness, and disease as a dysfunction of the whole.

Any condition appears as an outcome of distorted information, having the effect of blocking the energies that no longer flow freely through the body. Over time, the internal organs, which are not supplied with vital energy, weaken their functioning capacity until they are no longer able to perform their functions and cancer or other serious illness is, in fact, a self-destructing program of the organism that appeared after a shock. emotional, conscious or not, or of a lasting inner conflict.



> Entrepreneurship 

> International economic marketing and business 

> Nutritionist Technician 

> Therapist in complementary therapies - code 190221 

> Fitness Nutrition Diet Specialist - code 1901789 



> Silva Method - control of mind and stress 

> PR - Public relations in business

> Business Communication 

> Personal Development, Human Relations Development

> Leadership and Managerial Communication 

> Facilitator ACCESS BARS 


What does ACCESS BARS represent and how does it work ?

*As in any area of ​​interest, there has been scientific research into brain mapping and monitoring before and after an Access Bars session by Dr. Jeffrey Fannin.

He found that before the session the brain was overloaded, in various stages of deviation from his normal state of health.

After a half hour session of Access Bars the brain was balanced, in normal functioning state.

It is a stress releasing technique, where you get a deep peace, clarity about who you are and what you want to create, and a greater capacity to be present in your life.

There are 32 points per head that, when touched lightly, begin to release the limitations of different aspects of your life. They are called bars because they are energy bars that go through your head.

There are bars related to Awareness, Control, Body, Healing, Sexuality, Money, Aging, Creativity, Peace, Gratitude, etc.

It is recommended in any situation of health and life can benefit from this technique, with rapid and miraculous changes.

Bars can be used in grief, physical ailments of any kind and of any severity, depression, speech and speech difficulties, sleep disorders, anxiety, frigidity, impotence, autism, post-traumatic stress, learning difficulties, difficult relationships, chronic fatigue and lack of desire for life, lack of money, obesity, during pregnancy, before and after surgery, emotional blockages, mental disorders and many other disorders.


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